Sunday, August 11, 2013

How To Rank on Google in less than 2 months! | Social Media Agency | EG entertainment

For the past several years social media agency EG entertainment has been working with a plethora of Law Firms and Lawyers across Los Angeles county helping them build Niche practice area domination through social media and video seo.

There secret formula you ask? VIDEO! Yes, video. EG entertainment has been a leading online video company working with brands like Black Eye Peas, L'Oreal Paris and Don Julio Tequila. What makes them difference is their deep understanding of how to produce high quality video content while optimizing for Google search. It's really that simple. The company is leveraging online video more than any other SEO company out there. It's not enough to get ranked on Google, but it's extremely important to build your brand so you become a credible source. They do this by using video as the money site. What is a money site? It's your main piece of content that you want to rank on Google. It's the main site you point all you back links to. Because they use Video as their tool of choice, they have been able to take the lead in Video SEO. Here is an example of a screenshot  of Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm Rodriguez/King. As you can see they have video thumbnails which rank very well on Google and have a 55x times higher click through rate.

I highly recommend you check out EG entertainment as they are on the cusp of something big!

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