Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Social Media Marketing for Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

One of the hardest jobs in today's marketplace is the Legal Field. Not because of the type of work they do but becuase of the growing compoetitiong in the industry. As more and more Law School graduates go out looking for a job once they have passed the bar, it seems like there are less opportunities.

I've worked with my fair share of Lawyers over the past several years helping them develop and online presence and they are just as involved and want to stay on the cutting edge like any other profession. At times it seems like there is just no hope for some of these young attorneys, no work, no jobs, people paying less for legal help, what's one to do?

Well thanks to the advent of social media tools and technologies, Lawyers can build a practice from scracth and start to get the leads and conversions a five year law firm has been getting. Im not kidding, its really simple and I have the formula which has worked for all my clients.

Watch some of these videos to see what I mean and contact me if you want me to do the same.
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