Monday, March 17, 2014

Why EchoBrown Studios will rain KING of U.S LATINOS

Why EchoBrown Studios will rain KING of U.S LATINOS

The name itself says it all, EchoBrown, a brown new world. This is the Studio’s tagline in which to say is safely true. The infamous Anne Cutler recently added that “Immigration reform was the browning of America”. Marketing Guru Steve Stout wrote a book on the “Tanning of America”. The Brown Berets of the late 1960‘s related to brown as a form of unity. And now EchoBrown is set to be the voice for the most powerful market in the U.S., Latino Millennials. 

Over the past several years many have tried to launch a network that could fulfill this demographic, NUVO TV, MiTu and Fusion just to name a few. One of the biggest problems is that most U.S. Latino Millennials don’t want to be singled out of the mainstream conversation, and using a spanish word in the brand can immediately detract non hispanics from consuming or relating to the content. So it’s important to note that using a brand that connects with other people as well as Latinos is just the start to creating a successful network. 

So what's going to make EchoBrown succeed? Great question, nevertheless like anything else going on the digital world, content is king and great content is what separates the men from the boys. Over the last couple of years, Founder Erik Daniel Garcia has been putting together an All-star list of content and talent that will launch EchoBrown into the mainstream conversation. With a list of six (6) TV shows, seven (7) YouTube Channels, two (2) short films and one (1) app, EchoBrown is on path to become the next BET (black entertainment television) if you will. The only difference I see is that EchoBrown will be more content driven and will cross-over much easier into different demographics. Follow EchoBrown as they embark on a new venture in becoming the U.S. household name for American Latinos as well as the trusted brand. 

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